Anti-Bird Mesh

Anti-bird Mesh Netting is a kind of plastic net used to protect the fruit and vegetables from aerial bird raids and attacks from larger ground animals. It is also named as the extruded netting, Economy control bird netting. The main color is black or green, designed for greenhouse protection.

Plastic bird netting can be used for fruit cage netting on fruit cages, protecting crops from butterflies, birds, pigeons, rabbits, squirrels and other similar pests. Anti bird netting is manufactured from a black UV stabilised high strength, yet lightweight plastic BOP netting. The bird netting is supplied in 2m and 4m widths folded into manageable packs or rolls.

The plastic netting is easy to install over fruit cages, directly over fruit trees or other vegetable or fruit growing areas within the garden or allotment.

  • The plastic netting repels pigeon attacks
  • Doubles up as an anti-butterfly netting
  • The netting apertures allow smaller essential pollinating insects through
  • Supplied in 2m or 4m width in various length rolls
  • Plastic mesh hole size is 10mm x 12mm square

Anti-bird nets have a square structure which ensures that the plastic mesh is stronger, easier to install and has a longer life than diamond mesh structured plastic bird netting.

Product Details and Sizes

Size Hole Size Weight Colour Material Part No.
2m x 5m 10mm x 12mm 12g/m² Black Polypropylene 066797
2m x 10m 10mm x 12mm 12g/m² Black Polypropylene 066803
2m x 50m 10mm x 12mm 12g/m² Black Polypropylene 066810
4m x 5m 10mm x 12mm 12g/m² Black Polypropylene 066827
4m x 10m 10mm x 12mm 12g/m² Black Polypropylene 066834
4m x 250m 10mm x 12mm 12g/m² Black Polypropylene 066841

Some other mesh sizes and weights can also produced as per customers' requirements. And we can also supply small rolls ( packs )

extruded netting

Economy control bird mesh

Anti-Bird Mesh Applications

Architecture: used as reinforcing rib in the architecture,

                      such as plasterboard and wall plaster, etc.;

                      used as warning net.

Daily life: used as reinforcing rib in the packaging paper bag

                 to increase the strength;

                 used for packaging product directly;

                 used as balance net of Simmons mattress for its good

                 properties of anti-corrosion and anti-aging, which can

                 prolong the service life of the spring greatly.

Agriculture and fishery: used as anti-bird (insect) net for its

                    advantages of high strength and light weight;

                    used as climbing net of rattan plants, such as

                    cucumber, loofah, pumpkin, etc.;

                    used in the fields of marine lives breeding, poultry

                    breeding, and area division of marine lives breeding

                    for its high impact strength;

                    used as 3D vegetation base net to protect the grass,

                    and prevent soil erosion.

Anti-Bird Mesh Anti-Bird Netting
Anti-Bird Mesh Anti-Bird Netting
Plastic Mesh for Agricultural Farms Knitted White Plastic Bird Nets
Anti-Bird Mesh for farm White Anti-Bird Mesh

Packaging Details:1 pc/roll, several pieces/bale
Delivery Time: 30 days after confirm the order


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