PVC Mesh

Green Barrier PVC Fence (Green Plastic Mesh) is supplied in rolls calculated by the Metre.

Green PVC Mesh
PVC Mesh Plant Protecting Fence

PVC mesh has two options. One is plant growing trellis supplied in green color. Another is temporary fencing panels mainly supplied in orange.

Uses of PVC Meshes:
Chicken runs
Dog boundaries
Supporting home insulation
Windbreaks - dust & snow
Sports lanes
Poultry netting

PVC Mesh

Product Details:
Green PVC Mesh for Plant Supporting Fence: 1m high
Green plastic mesh
5.5kg or 7kg mesh
Hole size is approximately 40mm x 100mm but this does vary from roll to roll
Extruded From UV Stabilised Polypropylene
Orange Color PVC Mesh Temporary Fence:
This is a quick and easy way to erect a temporary fence. One roll of Green Barrier Fence (Green plastic mesh) and a few Fencing Pins (sold separately) and you can have a temporary fence erected in minutes.

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