Plastic Flat Mesh

Plastic flat mesh ( also known as plastic net ) is made with the extruder heating melt, through the extrusion into a number of holes. Plastic mesh has two major uses: for poultry breeding and garden fencing.

Processing: The molten plastic flows through the die opening pore formation of two shares of melt wire, due to head rotation, two strand of wire discontinuous converging at a point, to form a network, then cooling shaping into mesh.

Plastic Flat Mesh is made from HDPE material, having the Characteristic of corrossion resisting,light-weight,long life,non toxic tasteless etc.

According to different breeding objects,the Plastic Flat Mesh for Animal Breeding can be devided into 3kinds.

Type 1; Used for Little Chicken
Opening: 10mm,12mm,15mm, roll size:2mx50m,colour:white

Type2: Used for Adult Chicken
Opening:  15mm,17mm,18mm,20mm, roll size:2x50m,colour: white

Type 3: Used for Duck
Opening:17mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, roll size:2x50m, colour: white

White colour is the most popular, we also can supply blue, green, black and others based on your request.

White Plastic Mesh Green Plastic Mesh
White Plastic Mesh Netting Green Plastic Mesh for Poultry Fencing
Plastic Mesh Plastic Netting
Plastic Mesh Plastic Netting for Ducks
Plastic Netting Plastic Mesh Roll
Plastic Mesh for Chicken Breeding Plastic Mesh for Garden Fencing

Plastic Garden Mesh:

It is a lightweight netting fence, with its open structure allowing great wind flow for outdoor advertisement.

Material: polyester inside, pvc coated/Polyester Mesh/100% polyester knitted mesh fabric + PVC coating/

Density:4*4, 6*6, 9*9, 12*12

Color: black

Feature:Environmental protection, cold resistance, etc

Good ink absorption ventilation & light transmission

Good tensile & tear strength

plastic thin coating back.

Application: Billboard (frontlit) Displays (indoor and outdoor) Building Wraps and Scaffolding cover

Building murals and instore displays


1) Product quality assurance and direct sale.

2) German imports warp knitting machine, warping machine

3) Convenient transportation to reduce freight costs

4) Can be customized according to OEM

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