Plastic Square Mesh Matting

Plastic Square Mesh is a kind of fabric or mat also known as Plastic wire mesh or chicken breeding mesh.

Plastic square mesh is made of HDPE and is used to protect young trees from animal destruction in rural areas and forest.

If installed at the time of planting, it can protect them entirely till their full growth and increase their growth rate.

Main color: Green,blue,orange, black

Raw material: Band New HDPE

Specification details as below:

Specifiaction: 250-450grams/sqm

Mesh size: 5×5mm, 10×10mm, 12×12mm, 15×15mm, 20×20mm,25×25mm are all available

Width: 36'',40'',48''

Length: 3m,5m,10m

Plastic Mesh Mats Plastic Mesh Reinforcing Matting


Extruded and Punched Plastic Mesh

Flat Plastic Matting Fabric
Green Plastic Mesh Matting White Plastic Mesh Matting

Green Plastic Matting for Ground Strengthening
Plastic Mesh Rolls Packed for Delivery

Uses: Square plastic mesh is mainly used in aquaculture, Poultry breeding, petroleum,chemical industry and other industries, in addition,it also canbe used to products the padding for spring bed, air-conditioning with a net, fire-retardant net, roadbed net, climbing plants, plaster and sand with a net screen.

Common Specifications:

Item Weight(g/m2) Thickness Hole Size Width Length Color
4300 300g  1.5mm 4*4mm 1m/1.5m/2m 50m/100m Various
10400 400g  2mm 10*10mm
10500 500g  2mm 10*10mm
5550 550g  2mm 5*5mm
4600 600g 2mm 4*4mm
1020800 800g  4mm 10*20mm
25750 750g  4mm 25*25mm
18900 900g  4mm 18*18mm
101000 1000g  4mm 10*10mm
52200 2200g 5mm 5*5mm

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