Turf Reinforcement Mesh

Flat Plastic Mesh for Turf Reinforcing

Black Plastic Mesh for Grass Growing Protecting of Car Parks

Turf reinforcement mesh is an extruded plastic net or mesh for the protection of grass. The turf reinforcement mesh stabilizes the grass and enables the grass to intertwine with the plastic mesh filaments creating a strong stable reinforced grassed surface. The turf mesh is ideal for pedestrian and light vehicle use, overflow car parks, and airport taxi-ways.

Tips on installing:
When using turf reinforcement mesh, it is essential that the plastic reinforcing mesh should be laid down to give enough time for the grass roots to intertwine with the plastic mesh filaments. This usually takes approximately one growing season. The protected area will soon resume its natural appearance with the turf reinforcement mesh disappearing below the surface of the grass providing a stable surface that will withstand the weight of vehicles and heavy pedestrian use. The grass reinforcement mesh is available in black & green in a standard grade, and black in a heavy duty grade.

Plastic Turf Mesh Turf Reinforcing Mesh Mattress for Grass Protecting

Turf Reinforcement Mesh is produced from HDPE(high density polyethylene).

Application: It is used in grassed car parks, overflow car parks, golf buggy paths, light aircraft taxiways, grass paths, grass car parks, emergency access routes, equestrian surface reinforcement, grass verges protection & caravan parks.

Features: Turf Reinforcement Mesh is manufactured from high density polyethylene, the thermoplastic grass reinforcement mesh incorporates a blowing agent which gives the mesh a rougher surface thus creating a less slippery surface.

Advantage: UV stabilized, rot resistant, chemically inert and therefore provides a long term reinforcement solution. Our ground reinforcement mesh offers much higher reinforcement to grass than our turf reinforcement mesh, and is far more economical and cost effective to install.

Popular Colors: Green, Black.

Opening(cm) Plate Thickness(mm) Roll Diameter(cm) Weight
3 1 20-25 30
4 1 20-25 30
6 1 20-25 30
0.8 1 35 40
1 1.2 30 35
1.5 2 30 40
3 2.5 45 50
2 1.5 50 55
3 3 50 25
2 4.5 50 85


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